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14 Jun 2017

International success of Roust brands

Six Roust vodka brands have been ranked among bestselling spirits brands worldwide by Drinks International, a leading source for alcohol beverage industry statistics.

The list of 157 brands with sales of over 1 mn 9l. cases in 2016 includes Roust's Żubrówka (#27), Russian Standard (#64), Soplica (#67), Green Mark (#88), Żytniówka (#103) and Talka (#111). The brands are also listed in TOP 30 Largest Vodka Brands worldwide.

Three brands — Żubrówka, Soplica and Żytniówka — have been recognized among the Fastest Growing Global Brands enjoying double-digit growth: Żubrówka grew +15% vs 2015 to 7.1 mn 9l. cases, Soplica +23% to 3.1 mn 9l. cases and Żytniówka +13% to 1.8 mn 9l. cases.

Poland's #1 vodka, Żubrówka has solidified its position as 4th largest vodka brand in the world and has become the 6th fastest growing vodka brand worldwide.

Russian Standard remains unrivalled as world's #1 Russian premium vodka and occupies the 15th place among the best-selling vodka brands worldwide. In 2016, Russian Standard showed a 3-percent global sales growth against 2015 and went up 6 places in the overall ranking.

Poland's #1 flavoured vodka, Soplica shows unprecedented growth for the second consecutive year and ranks the 4th fastest growing vodka brand worldwide and the 16th best-selling vodka brand.

Green Mark and Talka, the 4th and 6th largest vodkas in Russian mainstream segment, rank 24th and 30th among best-selling vodka brands worldwide.

Żytniówka is world's 7th fastest growing vodka brand, driven by Polish market, and 27th best-selling vodka brand worldwide.

Monzer Elabrashy, Roust's Global CEO, comments on the successful ranking of Roust brands: 'We are delighted with the 4th consecutive record year for our Polish mega brands - Żubrówka, Soplica and Żytniówka, which are continually climbing the Drinks International Millionaires list and are included among the fastest growing vodka brands in the world. We are very optimistic regarding our second home market – Russia, where sales have started to recover significantly in Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 and we are aiming to gradually regrow our market share and volumes'.

Roust has been included in the list of top 10 global producers based on the number of brands in the ranking.

The international success of Roust vodka brands has been mentioned by such industry experts as Drinks International, IWSR and IMPACT for a number of years.

About Russian Standard Corporation

Russian Standard Corporation is Russia's most successful global consumer company with business interests in vodka, wine, spirits distribution, banking and insurance. Privately-owned and employing more than 12,000 people, Russian Standard is headquartered in Russia with operations in Europe, the United States and Asia. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Standard Corporation is Roustam Tariko.

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